Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sidetrack from Web Strategy - Quick Wins

I am deep in the throws of pushing our web presence strategy forward when suddenly I turned around to see a bunch of things that I could do now to make an impact. It seems that we always have to fight for that balance between immediate and long term needs.  (wish I knew where that picture came from).

I had been working off of the idea that we need to put a bunch of things on hold in order to focus on the long term win.  I think many of us get through the day putting out today's fires and dont have time to think about the long term needs. But dont we really need both?

So I took a little time this week and got a couple small, quick wins for the team.  First we used Flickr to upload a couple photos of a Grand Opening of our new Kelly Hall location (very exciting to be serving a community that needs us so much!).

Within a short amount of time we were able to get this up and shared.  But with this came a number of struggles.  One of which was that we had a paid photographer at the event and hopefully they were able to get some great photos.  The struggle is that we are still waiting for those photos, we ended up using a few photos that a staff member took.  (notes for next time...)

Beyond adding that quick page about our launch we also took a step back and are working on content that could be easily added to our current site that will also be reused in future development.

Plus we realized that within the IT department we arent using our own online tools well enough.  We will be launching an intranet this year for the full association with plans to have some great social networking and collaboration integration.  But here is our own team that could use a little bit more of that.  I am by no means dissin (if that is the right word for dismissing) the teams ability.  This is the best team that I have worked with ever, period.  We have a great mix of personalities, talents, focuses and strengths.  But we are all working pretty independently.  How will we get the whole association to work together when my own team isnt completely there?

Anyway, the best laid plans.... so it was a timeout from deep thinking to see if there were some immediate needs to be met.  I didnt mention all of them for fear of boredom, but I think you get the idea.  Plus I was able to use that awesome picture of the soccer cat, please tell me where I found that so I can give credit.

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