Friday, December 20, 2013

Bringing Tech back to #NPTech, 10 Nonprofit Tech Twitter Tweeps to Follow

Social Media, Marketing and Fundraising all rely heavily on Technology. But when I think nonprofit TECHNOLOGY, Social Media, Marketing and Fundraising does NOT cover it all. Warning: Heated Rant Brewing, resisting urge to....

Anyway, when I think Technology, I think about Technology. You know, like Tech Strategy, Project Management, Business Process, Networks, Infrastructure, Telephony, Software and you know things like computers. A life before people named an expert in Facebook a Technology expert, they are a communications expert manipulating technology, not a technology exert. Arrgh, rant brewing, must shift to list.

My Twitter list of Nonprofit TECHNOLOGY Tweeps to Follow (#NPTech). (Would love to add more women in tech to this list, but here is a FANTASTIC list on Fast Company):

John Merritt @Johnmerritt - Of course I listed the Godfather of #NPTech and good friend of mine to this list first. He doesn't just know his tech, his veins are actually CAT5 cables.  IT Alignment is his game.

Peter S. Campbell @peterscampbell - You may know him from his best Project ever, #NTCBeer. But he is the "Go To" Tweep for anything related to to nonprofit technology. He is the CIO @ Legal Services Corp, but has worked at Earth Justice and Goodwill as well.

David Krumlauf @dkrumlauf -You won't find a nicer person with such a dedicated heart for NPTech. He embodies the best parts of our #NPTech community. His roots are in infrastructure and telco. He fights for technology funding to be a higher priority for foundations. He is one of my heroes.

Richard Wollenberger @RichatPAT - Fearless Leader of our NTEN IT Director Community of Practice. Director, Information Technology at Parents as Teachers.  In IT since 1987, love managing the process/supporting a nonprofit. It means something to come to work everyday supporting kids and education.

Matthew Eshleman @meshleman - Nonprofit Technology Consulting. He gets IT. Great resource for tech alignment, project management, business process and more.

Jonathan Berglund @jlberglund -  IT Director at Children's Hunger Fund. He knows his tech and has 15+ years of experience managing technology. Helped build a couple of IT Departments with small data centers, directly supervised developers, network admins, and support personnel, developed and supported an application with over 10,000 users, and managed IT budgets between $200-300k and capital projects upwards of $100k.

Rose DeFremery @rosedefremery - Rose may have recently entered the dark side and joined social media ranks, but is still a nonprofit technology expert in her heart.

Deborah Elizabeth Finn @Deborah909 -Nonprofit technology strategist. She live to bring resources and needs together.

John Kenyon @jakenyon - John may be well known for his amazing understanding of communications but he is also fits right in with the technology crowd and gets the core technology strategy.

Ash Shepherd @NPTech_Ash - Although he dabbles in social media, his NPower technology consulting background makes him a strong contender in #NPTech.

Robert Weiner @robert_weiner - Nonprofit Technology Consultant and always helpful. He gets that process

I would throw myself on this list @steveheye, but it seems self serving and the people I listed have taught me everything I know. yes, I know it is 11. Who should I add?

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanks for your support! #DifferenceMade!

Some of you may be wondering why I seemed more forward in my fundraising for the causes I believe in and support? Well it has been a tough one financially and I haven't been able to give like I want to, so I reached out and Guess What?

You all ROCK and you jumped to support these AWESOME causes! NTEN, The Cara Program and Leap of Faith Arts Ministries! Read my previous post to learn more!  (and if you want to join in on supporting these causes, you still can.

But without further Adieu.... Here is the video I said I would create, you might want to hide your pets, it might cause damage to their hearing. And please don't let Simon Cowell or Randy Jackson see it. Just remember this is your fault for donating. ;-)

A big thanks to all of the donors!

  • Paul Lamb – A shout out to my beautiful girls, Isabella and Michaela
  • Jeff Bundy
  • Bob, Carla & Connor Bickett - In honor of the awesome Tech team @ The Cara Program (Steve, Andrea & Erwin)
  • Heye Family (Kevin, Jeanenne, Gloria, Andrew, Jacob)
  • Jennifer and Nate Maercklein
  • Tom and Barb Hattan
  • Lauren Haynes
  • Peter Campbell
  • Kara Carrell
  • Jen Hawley Price
  • Mark Gillingham –Let’s hear it for the Great Books Foundation!

And a couple special shout outs for some extra generosity!

TABLE XI (JOSHUA GOLDEN) – known for asking the right questions, but there is no question here! Table XI matched the NPTech donations, but no one is a match for their support. (you should totally consider them for your web development)

Ann Feeney - Thanks for the data lyrics and generous donation!

Shauna  Musselman – Shauna, Shauna.... - I can't say thanks enough for your gift!

And a shout out to Emily Culbertson, thanks for the donation, sorry I missed you in the video, but I had already shot it. Cheers to you though!

And please, if I missed you, let me know, I'm an improv actor not an accountant.