Friday, December 30, 2011

Are we consuming missional? (Inspired by @daveferguson)

Has mission become a commodity? Has it become so transactional, overused, cliche and ommon place that it is just another thing to cross off of our list of to-do's?

I know the focus off my blog is usually tech, but hear me out. And yes, I am building off of a faith based post from my church's pastor, you can read it here: Are We Just Consuming "Missional"?

First, I love this thought: "1. Missionary As Identity - If we want the people in our churches to engage in mission we must make sure they understand that being a missionary is not something you consume, it is your identity."

We could all learn a lot from churches that inspire us to not just change what we believe but actually change who we are.

How often do we just work toward or on our mission rather than owning it by letting of become part of who we are? Haven't you ever met that person that just oozes mission? It is like it is who they are. People like @hardlynormal who lived homelessness, @starfocus that lives for wildlife and so many more.

I like to think that I am missionary in my Christian faith, plus the YMCA mission of healthy living, youth development and social responsibility. I like to think that I don't just find technology to help support and  meet our mission, rather I find ways to allow our staff, volunteers and supporters to live the mission. I provide social media to allow their infectious spirit to spread. I work to shift our content on our website to not just promote our services and org, but rather to make the change happen in the people we serve. I look for technology solutions that allow our staff to live the mission rather than fight with tools. I push to have our technology goals tied directly to mission on top of supporting operations.

Yes Steve but you aren't telling us anything new. Well you are right, this isn't new. But it is easy to forget and loose sight of. Takes a few minutes to do a check to see if you are working on your mission or if you are living it.

As the new year starts, I am looking to become more missionary in my faith, work and family life. I don't want to take steps forward. I want to change who I am.