Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where I'll be at #16NTC!

Each year I follow in the inspiring example of Peter S. Campbell by sharing where I'll be at the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference and typically I link to his awesome post, but sadly Peter won't be joining us this year.  Please take a moment to wipe away your tears and think happy thoughts before continuing to read my post.

The annual NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference is something I look forward to all year long! This event has helped shape my career and the orgs I have worked for, plus it has impacted a number of orgs and staff I have collaborated or shared with. I love it. Anyway, here is where I will be at #16NTC.

HELP! Previous years I made awesome plans to connect with people at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but I don't have any of those plans yet, hit me on Twitter at @steveheye if you want to connect or leave a comment.

Or you can read what I learned at #15NTC to see if it helps you want to go!

Tues, March 22

A mix of nerds and brew, need we say more? Celebrate the 8th annual #ntcbeer, the pre-conference party known for good refreshments and better conversation. Catch up with nptech friends old and new over a few brews or whatever. Visit us on Facebook!

Weds, March 23

Ignite Plenary!
I will be back doing another Ignite session, but you will have to wait to see what it is!  Ignites rock the house with 20 slides, 15 seconds each and in 5 minutes you have a lasting memory! I embedded a video here if you want to relive the song part of my ignite from #14TNC.

Too Many Metrics, Too Little Analysis: Creating Analytics Frameworks for Data-Driven Decision Making
With my new role so focused on data and nonprofits, time to sharpen these skills. Good session description: Organizations everywhere sit atop a mountain of their own metrics, but few are effectively mining that data. Analytics can improve your understanding of your audience, but they can also help you to “know thyself.” A metric is only useful if you know who will use it and how it will help you shift tactics to keep your organization moving forward.

Forget Big — It’s All about Small Data
You don’t need to be an analytics whiz to dig into your organization’s data and produce impactful visuals and statistics. Learn how to measure program impact using free and low-cost tools that highlight accessible, small data. Small data is the human-countable data that many nonprofit organizations are already generating through service delivery and fundraising. Working through small data can help nonprofits get a handle on analysis, even for data newbies.

Hour of Code: Hands-on Guide to Your First Computer Program
Code curious? Not sure where to start? BYO computer to this friendly hands-on beginner workshop to get started in the world wide wonderful of coding. No experience needed!

Thurs, March 24

Leveraging Expert or Technical Volunteers!
I am leading this session! Ever since I started volunteering at age 12 I have had deep respect for what is possible through volunteerism. This session will focus on how best to leverage Pro Bono volunteers but will cover a wide range of related topics. My colleague, Erin Dieterich, from and Princessa Bourelly from Juma Ventures will be presenting with me! Strong team and great topic.

Tell the Developers the Story!
Too often, the story about why something is being built is not known by the development team. They may have been handed all the specifications, wireframes, mock ups, and prototypes needed to implement, but none of the larger context. During delivery, this can lead to lost productivity, misunderstandings, quality issues, budget overruns, and most important, technology that isn’t well-aligned with an organization’s mission.

FUN After Hours!
Need to pick a progressive party!

Fri, March 25

Automation: It’s Not Just for Marketing Anymore
As nonprofit professionals, we’re often expected to do a lot with very little, which can leave us feeling overworked and overwhelmed. It doesn’t have to be that way! This tactical session will explore how free automation tools, such as IFTTT (If This Then That), Workato, and Zapier can be used to reduce monotony, boost productivity, and improve your organization’s internal and external communications.

Data-Driven Storytelling
In this lively session, we’ll explore the classic elements of a good story and how we can use these elements to make our data more approachable, understandable, relatable, and shareable.

Geek Games! Bring it!

And while I have moved on from my IT position, for you Tech staff thinking about NPTech, be sure to check these out:

SO much Stuff! If you haven't registered, DO IT NOW! If you have registered, change your travel to be there early for the Pre-Conference (Smaller crowds and more info!)