Monday, January 30, 2012

5 Ways to get Digital Content from Program Staff

Fresh content is a key element of a good website, we have all heard that, right? But a simple concept does not mean it is easy to make happen.

One of my favorite posts I have ever written was 5 secret ways to trick your colleagues into becoming content creators for your website.

I have been thinking about this more and I have a few more thoughts. Even today as technology becomes more common, many people are hesitant to create content for a website or email newsletter. So how do we get this content created?

  1. Fill in a printed marketing worksheet - create a simple worksheet in the format of the content that you want them to create. Keep it short and simple.
  2. Regularly scheduled collection with feedback - practice makes perfect. Or as my wife says practice makes permanent. This means that if if you practice something wrong , it becomes hard to learn it the right way. So while it is a great idea to gather content from staff of you never provide feedback, how will they improve?
  3. Recorded phone call - want a deeper story or article? Get a group of program staff on the call, ask the right questions and let the conversation happen. But don't forget the key part, record it. It is better to record it and take your notes later, that way you aren't distracted on the call.
  4. Join their meeting - talk to them on their territory. Don't ask questions, just listen. If you need to ask questions, consider prepping one of the program staff to lead and ask the questions to make them more comfortable.
  5. Ask them their story - every staff member has a story about why they work there, why they love the mission or some great experiences. Give them a chance to tell their story.
  6. Identify the barrier - staff will always have excuses about why they don't create more digital content. Look past the excuses go find the real barriers, is it the tools, unclear benefit to their work, fear of making a mistake or ??? Then find a way to help break down those barriers.

Yeah, I know there were 6, but consider it a bonus.

How do you get program staff to contribute digital content?