Passion is one of the most common words to describe my speaking skills.

Energy and enthusiasm flows out of my words, presentation and actions as I lead workshops, webinars, presentations and trainings. I have a lifelong love of working with others to unlock their skills and desire to learn.

Topics Available

  1. Technology Strategy (view example presentation)
    1. IT Alignment - how to match your technology strategy to your mission
    2. Creating a Technology Plan - Steps to create a basic infrastructure or a complex plan integrated with your org's strategic plan
    3. Business Process Mapping and Improvement - equip your team to begin documenting and improving how you work and use your tools
    4. Software Selection Process - how to manage an RFP process, vendor demos and selection
    5. Implementing new technology (CMS, CRM, etc) - how to create a project plan and implementation timeline
  2. Social Media (view example presentation)
    1. Managing Multiple Social Media Channels -  how to use tools like Hootsuite or Buffer
    2. Creating and Managing Facebook pages and content
    3. Creating a Social Media Listening Post - setup searches and monitoring tools, plus establish a schedule 
    4. Creating a Social Media Comment Escalation Process - establish guidelines to equip staff to manage comments and questions
    5. Private Training for Executive Staff on Social Media Basics - sometimes the best way to get leadership support is to get them exposed to the tools first. This can be a one on one webinar or a group presentation.
  3. Digital Content Strategy (view example presentation)
    1. Establishing a Content Strategy - knowing where to start with a content strategy is tough but all you need is a little information and a plan
    2. Creating an Editorial Calendar - this can seem simple but it isn't easy without an understanding of how and why you create an editorial calendar
    3. Enabling Staff as Digital Editors - your program staff are the closest to the stories and information you need to share, but how do you equip them to create that content?

Formats available (Record and Reuse if you want!)

  • Webinars
  • In-Person
  • Pre-recorded presentation

My Background

I have been training staff since 1996 and have been presenting on nonprofit technology since 2005. I have experience in traditional classroom, one on one, on the job and workshop trainings. I have also presented at webinars, conferences, private sessions for associations, staff meetings and more.

My experience goes beyond the typical PowerPoint presentations that most speakers give. I am trained on curriculum development, e-learning creation, adult learning process and classroom management. I can provide much more than flashy slides. I prefer to tie the presentation to real situations, provide homework and allow for follow up\continued conversation.

I have presented at six NTEN conferences, NTEN Technology Leadership Academy, TechSoup webinars, Chicago Counts Conference, local Chicago events and numerous private sessions.

Recent Presentations:

  • 2014 NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference - Ignite Session, How to Succeed in Technology Failure without Really Leading, Business Process & PMO for Lasting Change and Tech Planning Smack Down: Tactical vs. Strategic vs. Mission
  • 2014 Salesforce World Tour Chicago - Smooth Sailing during Implementation

Humor and Entertainment!

I have been a part of an Improv troup for about 7 years which allows me to infuse humor and entertainment into all trainings and presentations as appropriate. (View the Improv Troup Facebook Page and Like Us!)

Setting the tone and getting the audience interested will make a break a training.

Based on your goals, audience and setting we can come up with some FUN elements to spruce up any topic (even budgets...).

Visit my video page for samples!