Consulting Services

I have 20+ years experience in a wide range of nonprofit technology areas. My unique combination of experiences from managing best practices at a national office to tactical implementation at a local level.
  • IT Alignment Planning and Assessment
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Software Selection
  • Digital Content
    • Social Media Planning and Assessment
    • Website Content Management System Strategy\Setup
    • Content Strategy
    • Content Creation
    • Storytelling Development
    • Listening Post and Social Media Management
  • Staff Training
  • Executive Staff Private Social Media Training
Please see below for more details including rates at the bottom of the page:

IT Alignment Planning and Assessment

As a part of my role at the YMCA of the USA, I worked with a committee of local YMCA staff to create an IT Alignment model and assessment. This model is easily adapted to any nonprofit and will help you redirect your technology strategy away from building your org to strengthening your mission.

Services: 1-2 Day onsite visit to meet with tech, operations, frontline and leadership staff to complete assessment. 1-2 days to write up summary and SWOT analysis, based on this assessment tool.

Additional Related Services:
  1. Business Process Improvement - work with your team to document your current business process(es), identify the desired process and perform a gap analysis to get you there.
  2. Software Selection - a major role I had at YUSA was assisting YMCAs with the process of selecting new operations software. I can help with the RFP process, vendor selection, vendor demos, implementation plans and complete process.

Digital Content

My focus at the YMCA of Metro Chicago was on building a digital content structure that allowed for the purposeful creation, distribution, management and measurement of digital content.

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I can provide a wide range of services related to digital content:

  1. Social Media Planning and Assessment -I will scan your current digital presence (website, social media, etc) and create a SWOT analysis with a set of recommendations to enhance your presence. (Social Media Assessment special! I will complete a full analysis of your org with a write up for $750. This process will typically take me 3 full days, so it is a deal compared to the $600 daily rate.)
  2. Website Content Management System Strategy\Setup 
    1. Small Org - while I am not a web developer, I can help you create your own website and teach you how to manage it. Current technology on platforms like WordPress allow easy access to the creation of websites. Rather than paying someone to build something you won't understand how to use, I will walk you through the process.
    2. Mid-Large Org - The content management system selection and implementation process for a website can be daunting. You may be pushed into a particular platform based on the consultant you choose. It would be a wise investment to learn about the options before working with a vendor.  I will walk you through the wide range of options available and give you examples of the orgs using them.
  3. Content Strategy - Too many times we focus on the design of our websites and slickness of our social media without paying attention to content. Our organizations and causes are complex so it isn't easy to represent them digitally.
    1. Editorial Calendar - Assist your org in creating and utilizing an editorial calendar that fits your specific style, team and plans.
    2. Content Workflow - if you don't have an identified content workflow, then you don't have a true content strategy. I can help.
    3. Content Automation - through the power of RSS, embedding and APIs it is often easy to reuse and automate some content sharing.
  4. Content Creation - Your staff may too busy to create the content that makes your organization shine. I can work with your staff via phone or email interviews to get the ideas and details and transform it into content for your website and social media.
  5. Storytelling Development - There are so many stories about your impact that are going untold. How do you create a strategy to begin to capture these in images, video and text? I can help through creating it for you or helping craft a strategy.
  6. Listening Post and Social Media Management - Do you know what people are saying about your cause, brand or organization? I can either show you how to setup a listening post or do it for you. In addition, if you have multiple social media channels, we can setup a social media management solution for more effective and efficient management.

Staff Training

Training has been a part of every single professional job I have had. I am very well versed in webinars, workshops and other trainings. I can train on any one of the topics above.

Executive Staff Private Social Media Training

Often our Executive Staff have a desire to learn Social Media but desire a more discreet approach to training than a classroom. I can do individual customized trainings with Executive Staff to ease them into social media and get them comfortable.

Contact me:

Steve Heye
Email: heyesteve at
Twitter: @SteveHeye