IT Alignment Model

Creation of this IT Alignment model with a group of YMCA staff was a turning point in my technology understanding.

How do you align your technology with your mission?

This has been the question I have been trying to answer ever since I got involved with technology. And I don't think I am alone in this quest.

Here is the model that we created at the Y:

We tried for years to get it right and the above diagram was our final product. It may have some flaws and limits, but it exceeds at turning an unending scope of technology strategy into a focused conversation. 

A big challenge with technology is defining it enough to have a common framework to talk about it across an organization in a way everyone can understand. 

This framework helps erase preconceptions that technology is a cost center to manage, only brings efficiency and requires heavy technical knowledge to manage.

Read the original white paper

To learn more about the model you can read the white paper from the YMCA of USA.

Further Resources

This model was used as the basis for Chapter 1 for a book edited by NTEN staff. The book featured 11
chapters each by a different nonprofit technology expert.

This book is a terrific resource for anyone wanting to learn about all of the different elements that are a part of nonprofit technology.

Managing Technology to Meet your Mission is available on Amazon.