Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Become a Change Leader - Life gets in the Way part 7

So for the last 6 (or so) posts I have been talking about how life gets in the way and have been living it, which is why my posts are so sporadic. I hope I have shared some ideas about how you can reflect on the past, learn from mistakes, plan for the future, blah, blah, blah.

All of this is useless if you can't make the change happen. So what happens when you aren't the boss? when you dont have the authority to "make it so"?

You need to Become a Change Leader! No, don't worry you wont need spandex, tights or a cape, but that would be awesome!

This will not be an overnight change, but it will pay off. 

Rather than reinvent the steps to your superhero transformation, you should learn from a true Change Leader, Dahna Goldstein. 

Dahna recommends these steps:
  1. Become an expert
  2. Build relationships
  3. Understand your organization’s context
  4. Plan and communicate
Yep, just like that and presto! Ok, no not really presto. But the regular tactics wont work, you will need a real plan to become the Change Leader your organization needs.

And that will conclude this series that seemed like it would never end because life was getting in the way.


kbladow said...

Will we be able to purchase a Heye-Tech Change Leader package? If so, I'd certainly wouldn't mind wearing the spandex, tights, or cape. - K

Steve Heye said...

Yes, for a limited time if you order the "Heye-Tech Change Leader" package, you will also receive a FREE set of Flash Cards with technology buzzwords. But that's not all! No we will also include a year's subscription to our magazine, "Technical Enquirer" cuz Enquiring nerds want to know.