Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Top 10 ways that Richard Simmons is like Technology

So yesterday Richard Simmons was at Union Station in Chicago promoting Cranberry Juice and I was trying to plan in my head what I was going to say on the NTEN book release party (More on book here).  Desperate to be clever, I combined the two and thought, you know what, technology is just like Richard Simmons.  So in rememberance of that, I thought I would share the Top 10 ways is like Technology.

11. You cant stop talking about it, even if you want to.

10. It can seem so cool when it first comes out, but watch out when it gets old.

9. Fans can go a little overboard in their devotion to it.

8. Brands will sometimes take on their own life, so dont be afraid to make fun of yourself.

7. Sometimes the best functionality is hidden under the most interesting interface.

6. People cant stop watching it, but probably wont be running to join you on stage.

5. Adding flashy options like short shorts and tank tops doesnt change the core functionality.

4. You wait to say how much you like it until someone else does.

3. Experts come in all varities.

2. Hard to change an image or reputation once you have sold it.

1. You cant judge a book by its cover.

And yes, I know there were 11, it's the way I roll.  Hope you enjoyed this.  Back to work now. (photo from Flickr Interrobang)

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