Monday, December 1, 2014

Bring Faith to Everyday!

In my college years I strayed from my Faith. I made choices based on my own needs and wants. I became a different person. Eventually I found my way back and my life changed. My life continues to grow in blessings and joy. But I always wonder, what would my life be like if my Faith stayed a part of my life?

I think we all have part of our lives where we stray from our Faith, where we take our focus off of God and choose our own direction.

Now as my oldest kids are taking the next steps in their lives, I see them facing the choice of following their faith or taking their own path. Which makes me wonder, what can we do to better prepare our kids for their future?

When I think about this, I am reminded of countless Church services talking including God and Faith in every part of our lives and making Him the center. But do we help our children do this? Sure we take them to Church on Sunday and maybe even to a church group during the week, but do we encourage them to show their Faith outside of Church?

This is what gets me excited about Leap of Faith Arts Ministries, bringing God and Faith into the
Arts providing another opportunity to weave it into everyday. Allowing the dancers and artists to learn to use their talents to worship. This impact goes beyond the studio walls. Each time a Leap of Faith artist performs, one of dancers talks to their friends or a parent comes to Leap of Faith, an opportunity opens to experience God outside of Church.

The work Leap of Faith is doing is important to me and my family. We have dedicated a lot of our time, resources and talents to this organization because we believe in it.  Would you join us by making a donation to Leap of Faith on this #GivingTuesday?

With a monthly budget of $5,000, even a small donation has a large impact. A $100 donation is 2% of this monthly budget.  Will you join us in this work and bring Faith into the Arts?

You can donate on our website!

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