Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why do I spend so much time on #NPTech?

Recently a few people have asked me questions like:
Why do you spend so much of your time on nonprofit technology?
Where do you find the time to write, present & speak about nonprofit technology?
Why are you so passionate about nonprofit technology?

Since the early 90's I have been a fan of the ability of technology to change the way a nonprofit meets their mission. My degree is in Finance, so I have a natural interest in process, policies, controls, metrics and the bottom line. Combine my finance education with a childhood full of volunteering in almost every program role possible at the YMCA and you get a process driven love of program delivery with a heart for technology innovation.

Understanding the importance of technology used to be a huge problem, today the problem seems to be moving from knowing technology is important to acting on it. Not to mention the distraction of social media. Yeah, I said it, social media is a distraction from core technology strategy (almost as distracting as gifs...). It seems like too much of our attention in nonprofit technology is on social media. Yes, social media is important, but more important than a solid infrastructure, good security, efficient staff, organization effectiveness and innovative use of technology for mission? I think not.

So I am trying to do my part to bring core technology strategy back into focus. The nonprofit and NTEN communities were there for me when I was starting out and I want to be there for others. I use a big chunk of my spare time reading, writing and speaking about nonprofit technology because I know first hand the power it has. 

I am not saying I am doing this alone, I am doing it as one small part of a community. This is why the NTEN community is so critical. This is why I am an NTEN Champion this year. Your support of this campaign helps nonprofits everywhere learn more about technology. It is like supporting all causes all at once!

Show your support at: https://www.crowdrise.com/2015NTENCommunityChallenge/fundraiser/NTENChampHeye

OR learn about the other causes I am promoting at:

This video is a teaser of a Bruno Mars song I rewrote. I will release more of the video as more donations come in.

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