Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Where I'll be at #14ntc

Each year I follow in the inspiring example of Peter S. Campbell by sharing where I'll be at the Nonprofit Tech Conference.  You should read Peter's post to see where he will be! (I feel honored beyond compare to have been mentioned on his blog with a reference to my "inspired antics", love it!)

The annual NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference is something I look forward to all year long! This event has helped shape my career and the orgs I have worked for, plus it has impacted a number of orgs and staff I have collaborated or shared with. I love it. Anyway, here is where I will be at #14NTC.

HELP! Last year I made awesome plans to connect with people at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, but I don't have any of those plans yet, hit me on Twitter at @steveheye if you want to connect or leave a comment.

Or you can read what I learned at #13NTC to see if it helps you want to go!

Weds, March 12

Pre-Conference: How to Succeed in Technology Failure without Really Leading - I'm Presenting
Too much to say about this session! Highly talented, expert panel combined with a topic we all need help with, including me. Read my full blog post on this session! (NOTE you have to register for this)

A mix of nerds and brew, need we say more? Celebrate the 6th annual #ntcbeer, the pre-conference party known for good refreshments and better conversation. Catch up with nptech friends old and new over a few brews or whatever. Visit us on Facebook!

Thurs, March 13

IGNITE! Plenary - I am presenting
There are five AMAZING IGNITE sessions, plus mine. My blog readers get this extra hint of what will be in store with mine, Justin Timberlake inspired me. (oh my)

Head in the Clouds: Real world experiences and recommendations for moving technology infrastructure to the cloud.
Whether you’re working with a provider or building your own, moving to the cloud is an important step that takes planning, staff and dollars. This panel discussion looks at the whys and hows of moving to the cloud, as well as how two organizations approached their moves to the cloud.  Session specifics will include strategic planning, cost-benefit analysis, infrastructure planning, migration paths, best practices and more.

Marriage Counseling for IT and Communications: Get Better Results Together
From strategy planning to case studies following implementation, gain insight into how a strong partnership between IT and Communications can create a smarter, more sophisticated approach to your communications. (The Amazing Peter Campbell playing the role of IT)

FUN After Hours!
Microsoft Reception
Salesforce Foundation Party
NPO Engagement Party Hosted by Idealist

Fri, March 14

Plenary: Where Does Tech Belong and Who's in Charge?
Join a roundtable of experts to take a deep look at where technology belongs and who exactly is in charge.

Tech Tools for NPTechies
This session is for small (under 75 staff) np's and is for the IT (accidental or purposeful) staff. We'll discuss discuss specific tech tools (some free or low cost) to help you make support users, run a network, and manage IT staff. Explore tools for managing hw/sw on a network, with examples appropriate to different sized organizations and skill sets.

Network Security for the Non-Profit: Beyond PCI Compliance
This session is for nonprofit tech professionals who have an interest in network security. Learn about various security options that scale keeping in mind limited time, expertise and budget.

Requests for Proposals: Making RFPs work for Nonprofits and Vendors
This session is for people who either purchases software and services as well as people who provide such things. RFPs are controversial, with good reason: a poorly written RFP does little to help the buyer or seller forge a successful transaction or engagement. (The Amazing Peter Campbell Presiding)

Progressive Party, but not planned yet. Need some help here people!

Sat, March 15 (how did both of my sessions end up on Saturday?)

Plenary - The Future of Technology
Watching the signs. Join Willa Seldon, leading nonprofit expert and Partner at the Bridgespan Group, for a look at the big trends in nonprofits and philanthropy, and what that could mean for nonprofit technology.

Balancing Project Management and Business Process for Long Term Success - I'm Presenting
Business Process has invaded my career, my life and now my dreams. I will be sharing my experiences plus a lot of thoughts on Methodology, plus Betsy will bring her PMO skills to the table. I don't think I have ever seen a session like this one at NTC, it will rock.

Tech Planning Smack Down! Tactical Vs. Strategic Vs. Missional - I'm Presenting
THIS WILL BE FUN! I haven't presented with Lindsay in YEARS, but we make an awesome and fun team, this will not be boring or a slideshow! This will get you thinking and involved. Seriously though, you will learn all new ways to approach your boring, old tech plan.

Rumor has it that I may be involved in some of the games and bringing my Ryan Seacrest skills back to work.

SO much Stuff! If you haven't registered, DO IT NOW! If you have registered, change your travel to be there early for the Pre-Conference (Smaller crowds and more info!)


Rodney Moore said...

Hey !

You are awesome! I really enjoyed both of your sessions, Balancing Project Management and Business Process for Long Term Success and
Tech Planning Smack Down! Tactical Vs. Strategic Vs. Missional .

Is there any way that I can get a copy of those presentations?

Steve Heye said...

Hey Rodney, here is an overview of my #14ntc experience, including a link to the smack down and BPM slides! Thanks for the kudos!

Steve Heye said...

Oops, forgot the link:

Rodney Moore said...

Steve! Thank you so much!

I'm bring techie back! classic.