Friday, December 20, 2013

Bringing Tech back to #NPTech, 10 Nonprofit Tech Twitter Tweeps to Follow

Social Media, Marketing and Fundraising all rely heavily on Technology. But when I think nonprofit TECHNOLOGY, Social Media, Marketing and Fundraising does NOT cover it all. Warning: Heated Rant Brewing, resisting urge to....

Anyway, when I think Technology, I think about Technology. You know, like Tech Strategy, Project Management, Business Process, Networks, Infrastructure, Telephony, Software and you know things like computers. A life before people named an expert in Facebook a Technology expert, they are a communications expert manipulating technology, not a technology exert. Arrgh, rant brewing, must shift to list.

My Twitter list of Nonprofit TECHNOLOGY Tweeps to Follow (#NPTech). (Would love to add more women in tech to this list, but here is a FANTASTIC list on Fast Company):

John Merritt @Johnmerritt - Of course I listed the Godfather of #NPTech and good friend of mine to this list first. He doesn't just know his tech, his veins are actually CAT5 cables.  IT Alignment is his game.

Peter S. Campbell @peterscampbell - You may know him from his best Project ever, #NTCBeer. But he is the "Go To" Tweep for anything related to to nonprofit technology. He is the CIO @ Legal Services Corp, but has worked at Earth Justice and Goodwill as well.

David Krumlauf @dkrumlauf -You won't find a nicer person with such a dedicated heart for NPTech. He embodies the best parts of our #NPTech community. His roots are in infrastructure and telco. He fights for technology funding to be a higher priority for foundations. He is one of my heroes.

Richard Wollenberger @RichatPAT - Fearless Leader of our NTEN IT Director Community of Practice. Director, Information Technology at Parents as Teachers.  In IT since 1987, love managing the process/supporting a nonprofit. It means something to come to work everyday supporting kids and education.

Matthew Eshleman @meshleman - Nonprofit Technology Consulting. He gets IT. Great resource for tech alignment, project management, business process and more.

Jonathan Berglund @jlberglund -  IT Director at Children's Hunger Fund. He knows his tech and has 15+ years of experience managing technology. Helped build a couple of IT Departments with small data centers, directly supervised developers, network admins, and support personnel, developed and supported an application with over 10,000 users, and managed IT budgets between $200-300k and capital projects upwards of $100k.

Rose DeFremery @rosedefremery - Rose may have recently entered the dark side and joined social media ranks, but is still a nonprofit technology expert in her heart.

Deborah Elizabeth Finn @Deborah909 -Nonprofit technology strategist. She live to bring resources and needs together.

John Kenyon @jakenyon - John may be well known for his amazing understanding of communications but he is also fits right in with the technology crowd and gets the core technology strategy.

Ash Shepherd @NPTech_Ash - Although he dabbles in social media, his NPower technology consulting background makes him a strong contender in #NPTech.

Robert Weiner @robert_weiner - Nonprofit Technology Consultant and always helpful. He gets that process

I would throw myself on this list @steveheye, but it seems self serving and the people I listed have taught me everything I know. yes, I know it is 11. Who should I add?

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0s0-Pa said...

Could use some new people to follow. Thanks for the recommendations!
-Dale @ nonprofit software