Monday, July 8, 2013

#14NTC is not a social media conference, bring back the TECH!

Let 2014 be the year Technology returns to the Nonprofit Technology Conference.

Social Media, Marketing, Fundraising and Communications are all important. But they get plenty of attention. 

For years I have done my best to stay out of the "vote for my session cuz it is the best and I am popular" tweets, posts and general campaigning for sessions. My sessions tended to make the cut because people found them valuable and voted on them without me hyping it up.

But this year is different. Here is some of the feedback that is listed on the NTEN website about what people are looking for:

More than 70% of 13NTC attendees surveyed identified as either managers or directors at nonprofits. More than 60% of that number also identified as intermediate or journey-level learners. When asked what kinds of content they're specifically looking for: 
  • 53% indicated they'd like to see an emphasis on technical how-tos
  • 50% indicated they'd like to see an emphasis on programmatic uses of technology
  • 40% indicated they'd like to see an emphasis on management strategy
So here I am campaigning for sessions. Here are the ones I would recommend you take a few minutes to vote for. And if possible take time to go through the IT Track.

  1. Requests for Proposals: Making RFPs work for Nonprofits and Vendors
  2. An Introductory Session on CMS, CRM, and other Three Letter Acronyms
  3. Tech Planning Smack Down! Tactical Vs. Strategic Vs. Missional
  4. Data Governance - 10 Steps to Building Yours
  5. Tech Tools for NPTechies
  6. It's not the software, it's you. Process Mapping.
  7. Cloud Migration and Integration Workshop
  8. From talking about data to actually tracking your data: The right technology for Data-Informed Nonprofits
  9. Playing it Safe: Keep your network secure with the 20 Security Controls
  10. Manage Any Project Better
Please take a few minutes and vote for my Top Ten! Or suggest your tech session in the comments and I will check it out!


James Howe said...

Hey! How come my social media sessions didn't make the cut Steve? Just kidding.

Though I like to think that I'm taking things past the hype and into how to make use of social media to strive for your vision and deliver on your mission. Tools like social media and video are great but they need to be part of a communications strategy so I have one session on how to do that in an awareness campaign. I have another on how the underused LinkedIn company pages can be effectively used by nonprofits.

You're right though that we need to concentrate upon the tech side too. I did an RFP for a group of community legal clinics. The solution proposed was both the most cost-effective and the most effective way for each clinic to communicate. It was such a good solution that it went provincial and out of my hands where it sadly has become bogged down.

Best of luck getting these sessions on the #14NTC agenda.

Steve Heye said...

James, thanks for the comment. I do strongly support a session on communication strategy, but those get attention every year. And there are great people like you promoting them using the social media channels you know and love. My point is to bring light and find champions to support the core tech strategy needed for any strategic planning efforts, including communications.

RichatPAT said...

Thanks for the support for our Tech Tools session. We're so adamant about providing tools that we've arranged with a vendor to help us provide a USB drive with tools on it!