Friday, November 2, 2012

A New Hope

Star Wars was sold to Disney. Steve Heye now works for The Cara Program ( not the Y. Which is bigger news? (Please don't answer.)

A New Hope. I am excited to start my new role as the Manager of Technology at The Cara Program! Learn more about The Cara Program on their website. My 14 years with the Y now has a special place in my past and it is time for a new challenge.

I have been here for two weeks now and am loving it. The staff are passionate, friendly and work diligently toward the mission of preparing and inspiring motivated individuals to break the cycle of homelessness and poverty, transform their lives, strengthen our communities, and forge paths to real and lasting success.

In my role I will work to develop a technology strategy to support, enhance and grow the work that The Cara Program does. I will get to implement and do many of the tactics and strategies that I focus on in this blog. IT Alignment here we come!

My favorite part so far has been how much the management values the passion and character of the staff. Enthusiasm and energy are embraced and encouraged, along with an atmosphere that encourages idea sharing and innovation. So refreshing.

Anyway, just thought I would share this to my small but mighty blog audience. Next post will get back to my give staff a voice series. Until then, May You Meet Your Mission With Tech!

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