Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Small Org Digital Content Starter

What does your 

Online Brand Presence look like?

Word of Mouth has always been the best way for people to find out about the Y!

However, Word of Mouth has changed, people often share online instead of in-person. Do you have an online presence that allows, no scratch that, encourages online Word of Mouth about your Y?

Get a Jump Start!
It is hard to find the time to get started and learn to use the tools.  I can help. I will walk you through how to create and manage your presence. Once we are done, you will know how to use these tools for your organization.

Google Places – Claim your Google+ Place to ensure you are found with the correct information in Google search. I will also show you the same process in Bing and Yahoo.

Google Analytics – Configure Google Analytics to track your website traffic and teach you the basics on how to monitor it.

Google AdWords Grants – If you qualify, I can help you apply and setup your FREE Google AdWords to improve your

Facebook Page – Create a page for your locations, learn the different settings and how to manage them. I will also give some content and posting advice to get engagement.

Twitter – Establish and learn to use a Twitter account for your org.

LinkedIn Company Page – Great way to attract staff and volunteers, but also a good way to build connections to find donors.
YouTube Channel – nonprofits can apply for a free YouTube channel to have access to deeper functionality and more exposure. I will show you that process.

Email Blast System – If you have an existing email blast solution I will review your use of the tool and provide some advice. If you don’t have an email blast solution, I can help provide some choices (including free ones) and help you get started.
Website – If you have an existing website I will provide a review and some tips to improve your content, messaging, structure and design. If given access I can also review your website analytics to provide some insight. If you do not have a website, I can install and configure a WordPress blog to get you started and teach you to maintain it. Or if you are looking for something more comprehensive and pre-built, I have some options for you to choose from.


One Price. We will work together on all of this for one price established before we begin. There will be overages or additional hours, we work till we are done. The price depends on how many options you choose and the size of your org, but starts at $500.

Hourly. I charge an hourly rate of $40-75 an hour. This makes the one price package above very attractive.

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