Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mega monster or Many monsters? (Fully integrated or Best of Breed)

I don't think I can count the number of times that I have had a conversation about software that spirals into a conversation of "we need fully integrated" versus "need the best features." This is the conversation that I have always talked about as a single database (fully integrated software) versus best of breed. Best of Breed to me means you pick the best software for each of your distinct business areas then you work to integrate them or build connections to share data.

However, this conversation has always focused on the features of the software. This article from the NTEN:Change magazine has really got me thinking about it from a different perspective, a constituent data perspective.

Data is all the rage again now that APIs are common, visual dashboards run amuck, information rules and everyone needs more numbers to build those cool infographics that we all love (to hate) (but can't stop looking at).

Anyway, here is the thought:

You think through the different types of constituents you will track and interact with, how you will need to use the data and how interrelated they are.  Here is an image that they use to help describe this.

But dont take my word for it, Go read the article from NTEN and then be sure to subscribe to NTEN:Change, the visuals are striking, but I look at it for the articles. They are always fantastic. And if you are looking for a way to convince your CEO or executive staff about the value of tech, subscribe to NTEN:Change for them. They will wonder where the emails come from but they will thank you for the wonderful information.

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Annaliese, NTEN said...

Thanks, Steve, for posting about this. As usual: entertaining AND informational!