Monday, June 8, 2009

Represent the Brand - Keynote presentation

One of the biggest challenges that a YMCA may have is that each individual staff person holds the keys to our success (or challenges).

For example, our camp staff have the opportunity to impact a kid's life possibly forever. The relationship between camper and counselor could form an impression that lasts a lifetime. We can either win over a supporter or make them run away. As if it isnt enough to worry about the experience the camper has, we also have to help the staff have a good experience so that they come back also.

So here is the opening set of sketches that I did for the YMCA of Metro Day Camp staff. The whole idea is that when you need to be purposeful separating your professional and personal behavior. Also when you are representating the brand you have to be a role model (online & offline). A secondary thought that came out was "Camp memories may last a lifetime, but the internet remembers everything forever, so act accordingly."

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