Monday, November 17, 2008

Building communication to collaboration.

Ok, so simply put, do you think that the following is true?

I know that is over simplified but maybe that is what we need. I see so many great visualizations out there and complex diagrams of how involvement grows. Maybe what we need is to keep this simple. We need to communicate effectively so that our members want to have a conversation with us. Once we engage them in conversation, then we can ask them to collaborate with us. If we jump to collaborate and ask people to build a wiki, will it work? Hmm.

I think building an online relationship with people is just like a real relationship. You have to earn their trust and build off of your communications and conversations to get to collaboration.

Any Hoot, have a great week! I know this is probably not an original thought posted here, many others have had, but it just sorta clicked again for me today.

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