Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 tools, 18 things, 220+ tools, 400+ tools--- HELP!

Overwhelm your colleagues with the endless and growing opportunities that technology has! Be sure to run around and tell everyone each and every time a new tool comes out! By far that is the best way to get them excited. Dont worry about using the existing ones or even maintaining your infrastructure, that is someone else's problem. Lets talk about the newest and coolest, doesnt matter if it has anything to do with your mission.

Andriod, iPhone, Mashups, Aggregators of RSS feeds with Flickr linkups, widgets, smibs, etc....
Five Tools I Use for Listening
The 18 Things You Need for Your Computer
220+ social media tools from mint blogger
ONLINE MEDIA GOD: 400+ Tools for Photographers, Videobloggers, Podcasters & Musicians

And if someone ever asks about an idea be sure to give them a list of 400 choices to look at. Also make sure that the list is just a list, no suggestions on what they could be used for or why. Be sure you dont provide any structure or process on how to select or narrow the list. Avoid any conversation about implementation method, overall strategy, maintaining content or possible risks.

Any Hoot, I think you get the point that yet again I have lost my focus. By the way the resources above are actually really great with tons of useful information. But all of these are useless without context, planning and strategy. Never embark on a crazy tool or web2.o idea without a reason and plan. And if a colleague, co-worker or boss asks about a tool, dont send a long list. Your job as a techy is to provide that context and a suggest a beginning place with a good approach.

Hope you enjoy this! Sorry this is short and late this week. I am swamped with interviews, project proposals and an article I am starting for www.idealware.org.

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