Thursday, April 2, 2009

Using Social Networking to build your YMCA career

For the last month or so I have focused my blog on IT Alignment to celebrate the book launch (all 5 of my readers wish I would stop by now).  Well I am doing a quick off topic post to share this slidedeck that I used at a Chicago YMCA staff conference to talk about how to use social networking to build your career.  I am missing things and would love some feedback.  

The sessions went very well, thanks for asking.  I had just over an hour to present.  The majority of the staff were new to most of the topics that I covered so I tried to keep it fairly simple.  Over the next year I plan to continually run trainings on teaching individuals how to use social networking within my YMCA.  Our staff is by far one of our biggest assets, so who better to represent the YMCA online?  Of course the next step is to get our members to represent us, but one step at a time.
IT Alignment does come into play here though, I cant resist sorry.  By taking the time to focus on the helping the individual staff help themselves, not just help the YMCA, we were able to change the relationship between staff and the IT Department.  This session and conversation focused on helping them, not me.  By taking the time to share that, answer questions and have a real human conversation with them on their turf, changed the way they saw our department.  That is a key element of IT Alignment.

As John Merritt from San Diego YMCA always says, "ART= Alignment, Relationship, Transparency." Well we took time to add to our relationship with our staff.

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Thanks for sharing Steve!