Monday, November 17, 2008

Building communication to collaboration.

Ok, so simply put, do you think that the following is true?

I know that is over simplified but maybe that is what we need. I see so many great visualizations out there and complex diagrams of how involvement grows. Maybe what we need is to keep this simple. We need to communicate effectively so that our members want to have a conversation with us. Once we engage them in conversation, then we can ask them to collaborate with us. If we jump to collaborate and ask people to build a wiki, will it work? Hmm.

I think building an online relationship with people is just like a real relationship. You have to earn their trust and build off of your communications and conversations to get to collaboration.

Any Hoot, have a great week! I know this is probably not an original thought posted here, many others have had, but it just sorta clicked again for me today.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

YMCAs and word of mouth

Ever since I was a kid I thought it was clever how the YMCA was able to get people to tell their story for them. We didnt have to tell people who we were or explain things, everyone either had their own story or knew lots of people that did. We gave away t-shirts, water bottles, hats, bags or anything we could put the logo on. With our programs we awarded trophies, ribbons, certificates and more, all with our logo on it. Plus many times we would put a phrase that explained our logo or encouraged better sportmanship or character values. All of these were great ways for people to turn around and talk about their experience at the YMCA.

Much of this still works and happens today. The problem is though that the way people communicate and share has changed. Now Mom's spend time on their cell phones, they have blogs, facebook pages and much more. They way they communicate is changing and the ability to share has grown exponentially.

Do you remember that old commercial about they 2 tell friends and they tell 2 friends and so on..

Well when some people share an item on their Facebook or their blog they could be sharing with tens, hundreds, thousands or more. So why arent more YMCAs coming up with content that their members would want to share with their friends. Things like photos from events via Flickr, video via YouTube, badges for volunteers, causes on Facebook and more. Sure maybe their wont be an immediate return, direct donation or membership join. But each positive mention is one you didnt have before.

So any HOOT, just something to think about, boy I really want to go wash my hair, rinse, repeat and then tell two friends.